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Welcome to the Larp House! We do larps.

The Larp House is an inclusive Twin Cities larp community. We are a member-powered collective that offers live-action role-playing games to the public.

Our larps are most often one-time events that tell a complete story in a few hours. No previous experience is needed to attend a larp and new people are always welcome.

Learn more about us, find out what games we’re planning, or jump straight to the latest news.

Upcoming events


🎤 Sing Your Heart Out (Benjamin Rosenbaum, Jamey Harvey) People who love to sing and the drama of their lives. Actual karaoke required. A musical larp for six.


🤵 Will That Be All? (Graham Walmsley) In the time between the wars, an English manor’s house servants have found time to set aside duty and explore their relationships and feelings. A freeform larp for six to ten.

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