Our friends

Make a Scene!

Make a Scene! is a weekend-long scenario festival in the Twin Cities.

Make a Scene! 2019


Be-Con is a weekend-long LARP convention in the Chicago area.

Be-Con 2019

Glass-Free* Games

Glass-Free* Games publishes fun larps and story games, including evergreen larp favorite Still Life. The designers are Larp House alumni.

Larp Shack

Larp Shack is a gaming club in Durham, North Carolina, run by Jason Morningstar and Kate Hill

Laivfabrikken Oslo (The Larp Factory)

The Larp Factory is a network of larp organizers based in Oslo, Norway. They aim to run at least one high-quality one-shot larp each month. The organization has produced spin-offs in other parts of Europe.

They produced an excellent book “Larps from the Larp Factory.”


Knutepunkt (“meeting point”) is an annual conference for Nordic larp as well as other forms of role-playing. It cycles through each of the Nordic countries and gets a slightly different name each year. (Knutepunkt in Norway, Knudepunkt in Denmark, Knutpunkt in Sweden, and Solmukohta in Finland) There is an emphasis on theory relative to the other Nordic conventions. In many ways it is the center of Nordic larp culture.


Fastaval is an annual role-playing and larp convention in Denmark. “Fastaval-style” one-shot larps are a big influence on the sorts of games Larp House likes to run.


Intercon LARP conventions are a series of conventions having their origins in the “theater-style LARP” communities at Harvard and MIT.  This is one of the oldest live-action role-play communities in the US and goes back to the 1980s. Intercon conventions are organized by independent organizations such as New England Interactive Literature.

Living Games Conference

Living Games is a bi-annual larp conference devoted to discussing larp theory and practice for all styles of larp in North America. It’s sort of like the North American Knutepunkt.