Who we are

In larp, every participant is both an author and the audience.  We have many volunteers who help organize and produce our events, whether for a single larp or for many.

Everyone who has participated in a Larp House event is considered a member of Larp House and is welcome to participate in and vote at our organizing meetings. Members elect officers and committee members to make leadership decisions for the organization.

Update (July 2019): Larp House needs new officers. Contact us if you would like to volunteer!

We’re currently running on a skeleton crew. Here was the last slate of volunteers holding regular duties for Larp House.

Larry Lade – Creative Director

Larry Lade is a multi-disciplinary media technologist and community organizer living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has been involved with the indie tabletop design community since the 2000s, and there was no looking back when he discovered Nordic larp in 2013. He is an avid photographer, and has been involved with the documentation teams for Just a Little Lovin’ (2017 USA run), Epiphany (Austin, Texas), and Living Games Conference 2018 (Boston).

Larry is especially fan of intense Nordic-style scenarios with philosophical, political, or LGBTQIA themes, but is delighted by the dazzling variety of activities which can all be described as “larp.”

Wendy Gorman – Education Committee

Tayler Stokes – Education Committee

When Tayler isn’t larping, or writing larps, or developing larp support tools, he’s making plans to get people together to do larp things! His scenarios have been featured at Fastaval, the Stockholm Scenario Festival, and have been recognized by the Indie Game Development Network. Larp aside, Tayler pursues masculinity studies, walks his cats, has an insatiable hunger for bad movies, and wants to keep bees and go caving.

Katherine Shane – Positive Play Committee

Katherine/Kathy has been active in roleplaying for close to 40 years, first with the time-honored and well-loved Dungeons & Dragons, and over time branching at least a little into nearly everything else with the words “role play” in it somewhere. She has been head-over-heels in love with the larp genre since taking part in the US run of Just a Little Lovin’ in 2017, and since then has played in, run and supported many live action games. In her day job, Kathy has worked in social justice nonprofits for her entire career with a focus on grant writing. She loves playing games, painting little plastic models, being queer, messing about with costumes, and cooking large amount of food for people. She is terrible with make-up, high-heels, singing, and languages other than English, but greatly admires people who are good at these things. “My goal at Larp House is to bring more people into the hobby I love and play a lot of different games with them. Larp and other role-playing games allow me to safely have experiences and feel emotions, both silly and deep, in ways I would not even want in ‘real life.’ It’s amazing and transformative, and I want to create a space where anyone can try it.”

Peregrin Winkle – Positive Play Committee

Peregrin (Pip to their friends, Mx. Winkle if you’re nasty) has been an enthusiastic larper for around fifteen years. They started with Werewolf: the Apocalypse and moved on to more independent and freeform games over time. They enjoy costuming, intense LARP feels, and all sorts of cooperative stories. They take player safety, inclusivity, and accessibility very seriously—but not much else. Ask them about red pandas.

Margo Gray – Positive Play Committee

Ben Francis – Technical Architect

Jon Cole – Co-Founder