Larp House Presents: Soulful Sinners

You’re invited to the must-attend event of 1922. Mega-Metro-Mammoth
Studios announces the Premier of
“Soulful Sinners”! Directed by European Genius Vladimir Vorst, and
featuring the leading stars of the MMM Studio – Lawrence Seland and
Mable Thrush. Rumors

swirl through Hollywood regarding the film … long delays, the
difficult director, elaborate sets … and hushed whispers of even
darker scandals barely covered up. You are one of the lucky few to
receive an exclusive invitation to the pre-release screening. Hang on.
It’s going to be a bumpy ride!

A Freeform larp for up to 20 players
Written by Janyce Hill
Organized by Kelley Vanda

7:30 pm — 12:30 am on Saturday, August 27th

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