Larp House Presents: Walk Among the Dead

Seekers of the departed, welcome. We have come together
because each of us has one we have lost. We have formed this secret
grief support group, rejected the 5 stages, and now seek to reach beyond
the veil and contact those lost to us.

mask is our key to the shadowlands. We can give each other strength for
the way and solace when we return, but whoever goes must go alone. Going
in, we have only so much breath to pay the ghosts for answers. Each of
us searches for resolution, we may be fortunate to find it, escape with
only our life, or become lost ourselves.

WHAT:A freeform larp for 5-6 players

Written by Johannes Oppermann

Organized by Jon Cole

WHEN:7:00 pm — 11:00 pm on Saturday, January 14th

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