Larp House Presents: Screwing the Crew

Screwing the Crew

A___ is together with B___, and is making out with C___, who is in love with D___, who is having an affair with E___, who rejected F___… who is hitting on everybody. A lot of people live this way. Sometimes everybody’s happy, and other times it doesn’t really work out that well. What emotions, conflicts and weird situations may arise in a group of friends with somewhat loose sexual relations crisscrossing the social sphere? And how did it turn out that way?


Screwing the Crew is a live-action scenario about a holiday party and people with varying degrees of open relationships in a tightly-knit social scene, for 7 to 15 players.

Designed by Elin Nilsen and Trine Lise Lindahl
Organized by Katherine Shane, Shawn Stokes, and Cat Stuntebeck


Sunday, 18 November 2018, from 2 pm to 6 pm


A private residence in northeast Minneapolis. Details will be provided to participants after registration. Venue is near transit.


Participation in this event is offered free of charge, but everyone is encouraged to bring something for the potluck. (see below!)

If you are interested in playing, please fill out our Screwing the Crew registration form before 11 November, 11:59 pm. If more people sign up than we have room for, attendance will be decided by weighted lottery. You should know if you are in or out of the larp by 13 November.
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Salon du Larp House: Paratopia


Fellow Twin Cities larp players, makers, and thinkers,

Please join us for Paratopia: a local larp design nano-festival for those who can’t make it to Metatopia in New Jersey, with 100% less New Jersey!

Many of you beautiful and brilliant people are spilling over with larp ideas, which has resulted in a number of larps in development. At Paratopia you can get the playtesting and feedback you need to bring your project one step closer to completion. And for those of you who aren’t yet developing a larp, let’s talk about that.

The inaugural event in our new series focusing on design and playtesting!


Paratopia, a day-long larp development micro-conference

Organized by TLS


Saturday, 3 November 2018 from 9am to 6pm


A North Minneapolis nonprofit located near Broadway and Emerson. Players will be given details after they are registered.

Parking on site. Metro Transit lines 5, 14, 30, and 32 stop nearby.


We are requesting a pay-what-you-want goodwill donation ($10 suggested) to support the work of the nonprofit in appreciation for the use of their space, as well as covering food costs. No one will be turned away if they are unable to make a donation.

If you are interested in participating, fill out our Paratopia registration form before 11:59 pm on Tuesday, October 30th. There is no upper limit for participants, but there is coordination that needs to happen with people who would like to run playtests at the event. Please register ASAP so we can plan accordingly!
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Larp House Presents: Halloween Survival Guide

Updated: registration link

Pumpking with relief carved angry face

One night every year, the children of the world shed their innocent guises and reveal their true selves: These monsters roam neighborhoods, searching for helpless adults to feed their endless hunger.

Mercifully, we have found that a common household chemical—sugar, of all things—numbs their murderous ravening. You can avoid a grisly fate through preparation and common sense, but you’ll need to keep your wits to do it.


Halloween Survival Guide, a lighthearted party larp for one or more hopeful survivors of Halloween.

Designed by Jay Treat
Organized by TLS


Wednesday, 31 October 2018 from 6:30 pm to 12:00 am


The larp will be held at a private residence in St. Paul. Full details will be emailed to participants.


Participation in this event is free of charge, although a potluck offering is encouraged. (See below)

If you are interested in playing, fill out our Halloween Survival Guide sign-up form before 11:59 pm on Thursday, October 25th. There is no upper limit for players, but there is a limit to how many people we can host. In the unlikely event that more than 15 people sign up for the larp we will let participants know what to expect on Sunday, October 28th. Please register so we can plan accordingly!
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Larp House Presents: Old Friends

Spooky abandoned room

Back in the ‘90s you hunted ghosts together. You used an ancient technique that reliably bridged two worlds, and you put a lot of souls to rest. Like any team you were a mess of individual flaws, contradictions and rivalry, but it worked.

It worked until Sara died.

And now here you are, twenty years later. The past has brought you back together. Together for that one last job.


A live-action ghost story for four to five players.

Designed by Ole Peder Giæver and Jason Morningstar
Organized by l.p.lade and Shawn Stokes


Saturday, 20 October 2018, 7:00 pm to midnight


A private residence in St. Paul. Details will be provided to participants.


Participation in this event is offered free of charge.

If you are interested in playing, fill out our Old Friend sign-up before 11:59 pm on Tuesday, 16 October. If more people sign up than we have room for, attendance will be decided by weighted lottery. You should know if you are in or out of the larp by Wednesday, 17 October.

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General Committee meeting (Q4 2018)

red apples

The General Committee meeting has been rescheduled to 20 October from 12 pm to 2 pm. It will be in Meeting Room A at the Rondo Community Library in St. Paul. We could totally use volunteers for facilitator and notes master. Everyone who has ever attended a Larp House event can vote and is invited to attend.

If there are items you would like added to the agenda, please contact the Creative Director.


  1. Check-in, meet and greet
  2. Creative Director report
    1. Summer larp recap
    2. Social marketing and outreach
    3. Fall strategy rundown
  3. Harassment Committee: Proposal to expand scope and re-title
  4. Brainstorming & free discussion
    1. Changes to event sign-up procedures
    2. Changes to org structure (new officers?)
    3. Strategies for venue rentals
    4. Election promotions

Announcing our fall 2018 season

bonfire by a lake at dusk

We are excited to announce our tentative Fall 2018 event schedule! We are still working out the details for each of these, and the lineup is subject to change. Watch our blog for future announcements about each of these events, or sign up for our email list.

The theme this fall is “Festival: Coming together in fading light.” We are testing the use of a gently connecting motif this season, and also blocking out our schedule a little further in advance. Let us know how you like this approach.


👻 Old Friends (Ole Peder Giæver & Jason Morningstar) Twenty years after the incident, a group of old friends reunites to speak with the dead. A horror larp for six.

🎃 Halloween Survival Guide (Jay Treat) Small monsters run wild in the streets, and a band of survivors takes shelter to fend them off. An actual holiday party slash alternate reality game for, um, lots.


🍐 Paratopia (Tayler Stokes et al.) Want to meet up and talk about game design with a bunch of people who are really serious about larp, but can’t fly to New Jersey? Do roundtables and playtests here in Minnesota! A nano-con for anyone who can’t make it to Metatopia.

🍍 Screwing the Crew (Trine Lise Lindahl & Elin Nilsen) People in a tight-knit social scene with varying degrees of open relationships have all gotten together for a party. There will surely be no drama. A Nordic scenario for seven to fifteen. (We are not going to try running it on a weeknight this time, honest.)


🤵 Will That Be All? (Graham Walmsley) In the time between the wars, an English manor’s house servants have found time to set aside duty and explore their relationships and feelings. A freeform larp for six to ten.

🍖 Uwe Boll’s Christmas Special (Evan Torner & Kat Jones) The world’s worst MOST MISUNDERSTOOD movie director is making a visionary Christmas movie and he needs your help. Certain to contain all manner of off-color, tasteless content that does not belong in a Christmas special, but you can’t let the critics deter you. A comedy larp for eight to twelve.