Documentation for Villa Air-Bel

Documentation for Villa Air-Bel, a US freeform larp about a group of people in Vichy France helping artists and intellectuals escape fascist occupied Europe.

Written by Jason Morningstar
Organized by Jon Cole and Larry Lade

Photos by l.p.lade

4 players, February 2016  Minneapolis, MN  USA


Documentation for Top Secret Admirer

Top Secret Admirer Drink List

  • Drone Strike
  • Manhattan Project
  • Blackberry Budget
  • HUMINT Julip

A freeform larp for 8 players

Run Valentine’s Day Weekend February 2016 in Saint Paul, MN. Collaboration between Larp House and the Macalester Gaming Society.

Written by Daniel Eison and Sam Zeitlin

Organized by Arnold Cassell, Jon Cole and Rebecca Gold

Larp House

Larp House is web show centered around LARP- Live Action Role Play, and all the hobbies and experiences that go with it. We provide free tutorials on costume…

Documentation for Games Within Games