The Lazy Guide to Larping

This weekend we have a guest post from Alex Roberts! When you think of live-action roleplaying, you might think of foam-padded weapons, vampire politics, or an evening of mystery with elaborate costumes. Those are well-known and popular styles of larp for a reason ? they?re a ton of fun! I encourage you to learn more about established forms of larp, and track down a local event! But what if, like me, you find a long-running game with elaborate setup more ?

Larp House Presents: Villa Air-Bel

Marseille, late fall, 1940.

France has been occupied by the Germans and the collaborationist Vichy regime has been allowed to exist in the south. American liberals are stunned at the fall of France and horrified by German (and now French) anti-intellectualism and anti-Semitic brutality. These liberals form the Emergency Rescue Committee hope to spirit away as many European artists and intellectuals as they can manage.

​Villa Air-Bel is about documentation, virtue, and desperation. It is a small, intense live action game about staplers and hard choices.

WHAT:A larp playtest for 5 players
Written by Jason Morningstar
Organized by Jon Cole
7:00 pm — 11pm on Friday, February 19th

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Larp House Presents: Top Secret Admirer

Top Secret Admirer is a [redacted] freeform larp about looking for love and intrigue in the intelligence community. The game is set at an exclusive singles event in Reston, Virginia.  Everyone attending has at least a Top Secret-level security clearance. Here, you might discover a little Nicholas Sparks or E.L. James in your usual Tom Clancy lives.

WHAT:A freeform larp for 3-8 players
Written by Daniel Eison and Sam Zeitlin
Organized by Arnold Cassell, Jon Cole, and Rebecca Gold

Presented by Larp House in partnership with the Macalester Gaming Society
7:00 pm — 9pm on Friday, February 12th
Light-hearted, dating, spy stuff

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Larp House Presents: Games Within Games

“When you grow suspicious of a person and begin a system of espionage against him, your punishment will be that you find your suspicions true.”

—Elbert Hubbard

Two spies in Cold War Berlin circle each other in a mole-hunt. They betray each other’s trust and struggle with their inner demons.

Games Within Games centers on the fear and anxiety of two people who depend on anonymity and deception to avoid being killed. The two spies have the most to fear from each other. The person who they depend on most is the person whose betrayal would be the most shattering. This scenario is about vulnerable people concealing their weaknesses, and failing.

WHAT:A freeform larp playtest for 4 players

Written by Jon Cole and Kevin McIntyre

Organized by Jon Cole and Kevin McIntyre

Presented by the Larp House in partnership with the Geek Partnership Society

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