Documentation for Contrapposto

Documentation for Contrapposto by Andrew Larimer, a short larp about an art heist played in an actual museum.

Organized by Jon Cole for Larp House.

Played in the Minneapolis of Art in November 2016 for 3 players.

Larp House Presents: Contrapposto

Players take on the roles of a team of amateur thieves hired to obtain a work of art. All players work together to identify which piece of art they’re after and plan how to steal it while balancing the team’s humorous assortment of skills & hangups.

In about an hour and a half, the team will case the joint, plan their caper & try to convince each other that this will work. And if the group can tolerate each other long enough to complete their scheme, it just might!

Contrapposto is part improv comedy and part exercise in teamwork, with a healthy respect for art & museums thrown in. Don’t worry: no actual laws will be broken while playing! It is a fun way to visit an art museum with a group of new friends.

WHAT:A freeform larp for 2-5 players. Written by Andrew Larimer and organized by Jon Cole

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Documentation for College of Neraidology & Crow Funeral

Documentation for College of Neraidology, a larp by ivan nevill about graduate students presenting their findings on local fairy activity, and Crow Funeral, a larp by Tim Hutchings

about opinionated crows discussing the cause of death of one of their number. You can click the title of each to find the rules text (College of Neraidology is part of the 200 Word RPG anthology).

Organized by Tom Fendt with 6 people on a gorgeous October day in St. Paul, MN.

We also have a video of Jon Cole Quintinius Lope’s dissertation on one of the local fairy inhabitants: sneeple (snake people). Check it out!