Solmukohta 2020 online

Solmukohta 2020, the world’s premier conference for Nordic larp, has been cancelled as the world locks down for COVID-19.

Instead, the organizers of Solmukohta are bringing the lectures and presentations online! These events are open to the public. You don’t even need a ticket to Finland! Set your alarm clock* and hear from some of brightest minds in larp.

*Note that all times are Eastern European Summer Time, 8 hours ahead of Minnesota. The schedule runs Friday morning though early Sunday morning. Be ready to wake up at 3 am this weekend!


"Please wear clothes on a video or video chat."
This would have seemed like on odd reminder a month ago. #quarantinelyfe

Larp House Workshop: Larp Jam ONLINE

Mason jar labeled "Larp Jam"

Have you ever seen a reality TV cooking competition? Each team has to cook up a larp using a secret ingredient. Then the “dishes” are rotated between teams of chefs, who have to keeping working on a “meal” they didn’t start.

LarpJam is great for roleplayers, people interested in game design, and folks who like collaborating in small groups.

In a matter of hours people with no larp design experience can create awesome, fully-playable larps!


LarpJam, a collaborative game-design workshop where you create your own live action roleplaying games, for 6 or more participants

Designed by Jon Cole

Facilitated by Katherine Shane

This LarpJam will be run completely online! We’ll use real-time collaboration software like Google Hangouts and Google Docs. You’ll need to have an Internet-connected device that can run these applications, probably something with a keyboard so you can chat and write at the same time, and a webcam.


20 March 2020, from 6 pm to 9 pm, CDT


Right from the comfort of your own home where you are dutifully isolating yourself to prevent potential spread of SARS-CoV-2.

Players from anywhere in the world are welcome to participate!


If you’d like to LarpJam, please fill out our LarpJam registration form so we know how many people to expect. (We can handle lots, but at some point we’ll have to make a cut-off or figure out if we can add another session.) Sign-ups will be first-come, first served. We’ll contact you before the event to confirm that you are GO for LarpJam.


We’ll be using cross-platform online collaboration software. (Google Docs, Google Hangouts) Please mention in the registration form if there’s anything we can do to make this experience more accessible to your needs.


Contact us with any specific questions