Cooking up some Larps

Heya folks,

Do you like cooking up some tasty games?  Well Game Chef 2015 starts soon (June 13) and in honor of that event, our good friend +Jon Cole with the help of the United Geeks of Gaming ( will be offering the always tasty Larp Jam.  You can read more about the event and sign up right here  You need no experience to design a delicious game, so join us at 6:00 pm on June 13th.


Oh What a Day, What a Lovely Day!

So we have been challenged to run a post apocalyptic larp in honor of the new Mad Max movie.  I can’t think of anything already made, so it looks like somebody will have to write it.  I’m thinking something Hillfolky would fit well.  So now the question is who will pick up the ball and give us an excuse to dress in rags and ammo?


Larp House Presents:  The attempt to find $30, a totally official Larp House Event.

Ok, event might be a stretch.  The general committee has voted that we want to preserve our web domain of as well as expanding the site to be a functional tool for our organization.  Features we would like to have on the site would include:

-A calendar of events and meetings
-A place to archive our events
-Easy access for anybody to view all of our current policies
-If possible, added features with social media including auto updating to our social media site (that would be extremely cool)

The always impressive Ben Francis has agreed to build our site, but we need to pay for a year’s worth of web hosting with a new company (since WordPress doesn’t support these features and our subscription is almost up anyhow).  This will cost the organization a whopping $30 for this first year.  If you can spare a few dollars to let our community have nice things, it would be a completely awesome thing to do.  If you do then you can unofficially be the director nice things.  At Larp House we like having nice things.  Help us have nice things.  If you can donate, please e-mail use at [email protected] and we’ll work out a way to pick up your generous donation (please no credit cards, checks, pay pal, bit coins, or rupees at this time).

Thanks for being awesome,