Larp House Presents: Beyond Boffers Workshop

The padded foam sword, called a boffer, has an honored place in larp as a safer way to simulate combat with weapons. For weaponless combat, such as wrestling or martial arts, other larp traditions have developed their own styles to fill the void. The Beyond Boffers workshop will teach these “boffer martial arts” techniques in a friendly learning environment.

  • Ars Marte is a Nordic larp technique for simulating the emotional experience of physical struggle. It aims to feel like a fight rather than look like one, and of course it is as safe as possible. The technique is a modified version of wrestling that is easy to learn with a few minutes of practice.
  • Ars Tegumi is a technique created by local gamer Lemmo Pew, and based on Okinawan Karate. It uses a real sparring technique that is safe enough for newbies. The best part it is, the technique can be done by both sighted and blind people. Blindfolds recommended!

In the Beyond Boffers Workshop you will learn how to use these techniques and have to opportunity to practice them with different partners. Practice will be done in-character and out of character sections, to show how these methods can demonstrate a character’s emotions or fighting style.


A larp technique workshop for 4-20 people

Ars Marte by Elliot Weislander and Ars amandi, Ars Tegumi by Lemmo Pew

Organized by Jon Cole, Lemmo Pew, and Scott Tong



1:00 pm — 4:00 pm on Saturday, September 26th



Aldine Park

in Saint Paul.There is nearby metro transit service from lines Green, 21, 84.

If transportation is an issue, e-mail the Outreach Committee at [email protected] with what area you are in and we may be able to find someone you can ride with.



larp workshop



If you are interested in attending the workshop, fill out the Ars Marte Workshop Registration Form before 11:59 pm on Saturday, September 19th. You should know if you are in or out of the workshop by Monday, September 21st.



Wear clothing you are comfortable moving and sweating in. Wear closed toed shoes. Remove jewelry from hands, ears, face, and neck.Ars Tegumi involves fingertip tapping on a opponent’s chest, shoulder, or sternum: a sports bra is recommended for people with breasts.The workshop is outside: Wear clothing and bring equipment appropriate to the weather. This might include sunscreen, water bottle, bug spray, etc.



The venue is a public park. No seating available. The nearest bathroom is a five minute walk away in a private residence, stair access only.

Ars Marte is a modified version of wrestling and is done standing up. It involves squeezing someone around the midsection and laying you head on the opponent’s shoulder.Ars Tegumi requires full upper body range of motion and two available arms.



Players will be asked to briefly play characters who are fighting, in the context of practicing the techniques. Some example characters would be an inexperienced fighter, an enraged person, a person with deadly intent.



For more information email [email protected]. Your inquiry will be forwarded to the person best suited to answer it.

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