Larp House Presents: Golden Cobra LarpJam 2015

Larp House Presents: Golden Cobra LarpJam 2015

LarpJam is a lightning-fast larp design workshop where people with no experience can create fully-playable larps in hours.

WHAT: A larp design workshop for 5-20 people
WHO: Have you played in a larp before? If so, you have enough experience to enjoy LarpJam. Anyone with an interest in role-playing can get something out of LarpJam.
WHEN: 1:00 pm — 5:00 pm on Sunday October 11th
WHERE: Macalester College Campus Center, Saint Paul MN  USA

LarpJam is the Iron Chef of game design: Each team has to cook up a larp using the Secret Ingredient. Half-way through the “dishes” are rotated between teams of chefs, who have to keeping working on a “meal” they didn’t start.

A winner of last year’s Golden Cobra competition was created by Larp House members using LarpJam. Join the tradition this year!

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