Documentation for City of Fire and Coin

The City Destroyed, the Dark one killed at least twice, a spider-goddess on the loose. Rogues indeed!

City of Fire and Coin by Epidiah Ravachol, Evan Torner, and others

Run by the Larp House in Shakopee, MN  January 2014 for 15 players

Organizers: Evan Torner, Kat Jones, oftenfuzzyfaced, and itpiercesskin.

15 Characters

• Callum, that very fallen sorcerer who summoned The Dark One into this world, now turned toward other pursuits

• Dakini, the proud, carousing Knight of the Storm Citadel, on the run from a relentless foe

• Eeegmar, a lizard-talker from the Great Desolation who collects enchanted trinkets

• Fayne, a prophetess paladin who has foreseen the destruction of the City of Fire and Coin

• Galladore, dragon-kin and Keeper of the Keys for the City of Fire & Coin Thieves’ Guild

• Lariel, a strange bard from the Gardens of the Impossible, come to educate those who would listen

• Liori, a fearsome warrior of one body and two souls

• Phitos, a wizard of the Order of Orders, witness to the summoning of the Dark One

• Rowena Shadowood, a mysterious markswoman of Oonai whose arrows never lie

• Sasiri, the Slayer of the 13 Dragons who is not to be trifled with

• Slate, the New Dawn totem warrior for the Time Beasts of the Hidden Grotto

• Tuuli, a wandering nature priest advanced in years, but not in spirit

• Umar, an eerily calm hunter and taxidermist of strange, fantastical beasts

• Wren, the shape-shifting Voice of the Dragon Council

• Aerte, A masked aristocrat granted eternal unlife

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