Larp House Presents: Service

Service is a freeform larp about residents of the United States called up for military service during a brutal war.
Each player takes on the role of a citizen who has been torn out of their everyday life and brought to the Orientation Center for deployment to basic training. Everything they own has been removed from them as they are about to embark on the transformational experience of becoming a soldier.
Service is game about saying goodbye to the life you’ve known, about patriotism versus the reality of war, and issues of personal versus societal responsibility.

a close-to-home US Freeform for 10-20 players
written by Shoshanna Kessock
organized by Ben, Jon Cole, Rebecca
7pm-11pm Friday September 26th  2014
10K theater
Dupre Hall basement
Macalester College in Saint Paul, MN  USA
social realism, ethical dilemmas made personal
Service is not a win or lose type of game. Players are encouraged to play characters that are physically, mentally, and emotionally similar to themselves.
Sign ups are done by a lottery of all interested people. Enter the lottery by sending an e-mail to [email protected] before 9AM Saturday, September 13th. You should know if you are in or out of the larp by Monday September 15th.
No costuming is needed for Service. Characters will not be assigned in advance. The game takes place in a very near future US where regular residents arrive at the draft office for mandatory military service.
The play venue is a basement, accessible by elevators and stairs. Players must have cellphones, or another means of contacting organizers when they arrive at the play space (organizer numbers will be provided to players). Very limited seating available. No A/C. A minimally appointed off-game decompression space will be available. No food or drink will be provided. If you have an accessibility question or request please email [email protected].
Play might include shouting, mandatory military service, discussions of war violence and casualties. If you have an question about this content warning please email [email protected].
For more information about Service email [email protected]. Your inquiry will be forwarded to the organizers best suited to answer it.
Special thanks to the Macalester Gaming Society for partnering with the Larp House to host this even on their campus.

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