Winter Schedule

The hubbub of the holidays is behind us and we are pleased to announce our tentative Winter 2019 event schedule! We are still working out the details for each of these, and the lineup is subject to change. Watch this space for future announcements about these events!

We still have room for a couple more submissions. Contact the Creative Director if you have an idea.


🇵🇸 So You Think You Can Dance? (Riad Mustafa, Ureib Samad, and Mohamad Rabah) Palestinian edu-larp for five to ten. Documentation!


🎤 Sing Your Heart Out (Benjamin Rosenbaum) People who love to sing and the drama of their lives. Actual karaoke required. A musical larp for six.


🤵 Will That Be All? (Graham Walmsley) In the time between the wars, an English manor’s house servants have found time to set aside duty and explore their relationships and feelings. A freeform larp for six to ten.


Photograph ©anaxolotl, used under CC BY-NC 2.0.

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