Documentation for WINTERHORN

Documentation for WINTERHORN, a live action game about how governments degrade and destroy activist groups

Organized by Larry Lade and Katherine Shane

Photography by l.p.lade

Seven players, Minneapolis, Minnesota in April 2018

Documentation for Deep Love

Documentation for Deep Love by Jason Morningstar, a larp about love between friends and scientists on a bathysphere expedition.

Organized by Arnold Cassell for Larp House, with assistance from Jon Cole.

Photos by Arnold Cassell.

4 players, Richfield MN in June 2017.

Documentation for Strange Gravity

Documentation for Strange Gravity by Jay Treat, a sci-fi larp about about one starship and the vibrant personalities on board.

Organized by Jon Cole for Larp House.

Photos by Kelley Vanda, Jon Cole, and Emily M.

Played in Saint Paul in March 2017 for 7 players.

Documentation for Walk Among the Dead

Documentation for Walk Among the Dead by Johannes Oppermann, a horror larp about a grief support group that ventures into the land of the dead.

Organized by Jon Cole for Larp House.

Photos by Jon Cole and Heather Silsbee.

Played in Saint Paul in January 2017 for 6 players.

Documentation for Contrapposto

Documentation for Contrapposto by Andrew Larimer, a short larp about an art heist played in an actual museum.

Organized by Jon Cole for Larp House.

Played in the Minneapolis of Art in November 2016 for 3 players.

Documentation for College of Neraidology & Crow Funeral

Documentation for College of Neraidology, a larp by ivan nevill about graduate students presenting their findings on local fairy activity, and Crow Funeral, a larp by Tim Hutchings

about opinionated crows discussing the cause of death of one of their number. You can click the title of each to find the rules text (College of Neraidology is part of the 200 Word RPG anthology).

Organized by Tom Fendt with 6 people on a gorgeous October day in St. Paul, MN.

We also have a video of Jon Cole Quintinius Lope’s dissertation on one of the local fairy inhabitants: sneeple (snake people). Check it out!

Documentation for Death of the Guilded Age

Documentation for Death of the Guilded Age, a story game about a 1920s party and its mysterious host.

Written by Nathan D Paoletta
Organized, Catered, Photographed by Kelley Vanda

7 players, August 2016  Minneapolis, MN  USA

Documentation for The Pit Bull

Documentation for The Pit Bull playtest, a Larp about Supervillans.

Written By Ben Francis and Tom Fendt

3 Players, July 2016 Minneapolis, MN  USA

Documentation for Villa Air-Bel

Documentation for Villa Air-Bel, a US freeform larp about a group of people in Vichy France helping artists and intellectuals escape fascist occupied Europe.

Written by Jason Morningstar
Organized by Jon Cole and Larry Lade

Photos by l.p.lade

4 players, February 2016  Minneapolis, MN  USA


Documentation for Top Secret Admirer

Top Secret Admirer Drink List

  • Drone Strike
  • Manhattan Project
  • Blackberry Budget
  • HUMINT Julip

A freeform larp for 8 players

Run Valentine’s Day Weekend February 2016 in Saint Paul, MN. Collaboration between Larp House and the Macalester Gaming Society.

Written by Daniel Eison and Sam Zeitlin

Organized by Arnold Cassell, Jon Cole and Rebecca Gold