Larp House Presents: Silver and White

Silver and White is a live action game about four suburban teenagers encounter the mystery that will shape their lives. They explore, and each time they touch, we exchange cards. For the teens a few days, for us a few hours. We make up a story together, our invented truths springing from the cards we hold; and they step into the unknown, pausing at every awkward touch, hopeful despite everything to come.
A game about personal change for 4 players
written by Jackson Tegu, adapted by Alex Carlson
organized by Alex, Adam, Jon
7pm-1am Saturday July 5th

Final location TBA, it will either be in Plymouth, MN or Saint Paul, MN. For details
Magical Realism, Real Life Teenagers
This story is about personal change. It expects to be played by people who want to experience vicarious transformation, and hopes to help those people reach into themselves and connect with feelings of uncertainty, longing, and exhilaration. It is slow, and careful; and fast and reckless. It is about feeling powerless and then encountering possibilities. It is about questions, and the mystery.
This game provides a framework for telling a story with each other. You get a rich starting situation to jump off from, and the tools to navigate shared and improvised story creation. You get to walk around in an imaginary person’s shoes and see what parts of yourself shine through. You get to watch your friends speak as other people. You get to honestly pretend to be a teenager, make up cool stuff, and hear your friends tell what they imagine.


Sign ups are done by a lottery of all interested people. Enter the lottery by sending Jon an e-mail at bndrks at gmail dot com before 12PM Saturday, June 28th. You should know if you are in or out of the larp by Monday June 30th.
Characters are created at the game, and costuming is encouraged for this game. The game takes place in a contemporary suburb very much like Plymouth, Minnesota. The characters are all teenagers, so whatever teenager-y attire strikes you is just fine.
The play venue is a mufti-story home, with stair access only between levels. Plenty of seating available. A/C in home. Play includes portrayals of teenage sexuality, teenage social dynamics, suicide, surreal imagery. Game play requires a heightened awareness of physical contact and has mechanics that engage whenever two people touch. A limited number of rides to and from the event are available for people without access to a vehicle. If you have an accessibility question or request please email Jon.
For more information about sign-up or accessibility email Jon. For more information about gameplay, costuming, or the system email Alex.

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