Larp House Presents: Sea Dracula

Animal City is a magical town full of hardworking talking animals with crazy names and silly opinions. The city is famous for its nonsensical legal system, where the lawyers are responsible not just for prosecuting cases but also for fighting monsters and throwing parties. This was the legendary legal system pioneered by that great giraffe lawyer, Sea Dracula. The proud traditions of the Animal City legal system have been handed down from generation to generation, slowly losing their meaning and becoming strange and obscure.

Don’t mistake the ways of this legal system for those of your own! The lawyers of Animal City strive only to win! All other considerations, even the welfare of their clients and the sanctity of the law, are secondary. They dance the dance of the animal lawyers, and mere mortals such as us can only stand back and watch in awe and terror!

WHAT:A larp for an infinite number of playersWritten by Nick Smith and Jake RichmondOrganized by Arnold Cassell
WHEN:8:00 pm – 12:00 am on Friday, March 13th
WHERE:773 Hague AvenueSt Paul, MN, USA
If transportation is an issue, e-mail the Outreach Committee at [email protected] with what area you are in and we will try to find somebody you can ride with.
GENRE:bizarre law, animals dancing, comedy
ROLES:There are five types of player roles in Sea Dracula!: Lawyers, Jurors, Court Reporters, Bailiffs, and Band Members.
There is room for 4-6 Animal City lawyers. Their job is to make a case and argue to the court. They might cross-examine a witness, or object to other lawyery statements! (They may also be responsible for Boss Battles.)
There is room for an unlimited number of jurors. Jury members will be called on to gather evidence before the trial, to serve as witnesses, and to have a good time. The first two are volunteer assignments, the last is mandatory.
There is room for 1 or 2 Court Reporters. Their job is to make sure news of this trial gets out to the people of Animal City.
There is room for 1 Bailiff, whose job is to swear Witnesses in and maintain Court Evidence. (This role requires about 30 minutes of prep before the game, so email [email protected]  if interested)
Finally, there is room for 3-4 Band Members, though more may rotate in from the other positions. Their job is to play instruments in the band, and must be proficient in looking cool as heck. (If you are interested in this role, submit your best guitar solo to [email protected].)
COSTUMING:The animals of Animal City are as varied as the feathers on a snake! Some paint their faces to look like more fashionable animals, some wear masks so they can pull them off and go “boo!”, and some just look like hairless apes in blue jeans and fancy glasses.

ACCESSIBILITY:The play venue is a split-level home, with stair access only. The venue is accessible by public transit, with around 1 block of walking from the nearest bus stop. The game requires dancing for lawyers, which is non-negotiable. The content of the game aims for silliness, and will strive to avoid making people uncomfortable or sad.

For more information about Sea Dracula! email [email protected]. Your inquiry will be forwarded to the person best suited to answer it.

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