Larp House Presents: The Line

The waiting room is bland and antiseptic. You have made unimaginable sacrifices to get here. Through that door is a chance at a better life—one away from war, death, and horror. But between you and the door are a dozen fellow refugees with their own agendas, and an immigration officer eager to send you straight back to hell.

The Line is a science fiction scenario for 7–15 players that explores the
challenges faced by contemporary refugees. Your home planet of Sarai is
in the midst of a terrible civil war and it isn’t safe for your family
to remain. You will take the role of one of many applicants to relocate
to the Combine, a vast federation of planets. But the Combine, its
culture, and its bureaucracy are all foreign to you. Today you apply,
you interview, and you wait.

Designed by Jason Morningstar
Organized by Wayne Flenniken and TLS

Sunday, 29 July 2018 from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Players take the role of desperate refugees fleeing war
and hoping to be granted asylum. This scenario directly addresses the
plight of contemporary refugees.

If you are interested in playing, fill out our The Line Sign-Up Form before 11:59 pm on Monday, July 23rd. If more people sign up than we have room for attendance will be decided by weighted lottery. You should know if you are in or out of the larp by Wednesday, July 25th. If less folks than max sign up, registration will be open after the deadline for stragglers.

This is a Nordic larp-style scenario. Play is
comprised of a single unbroken segment in a waiting area occasionally
interrupted by one-on-one interviews. Players interact with the entire
play group for the majority of play. Characters are developed during
play through a number of card draws, with the option to redraw
individual character elements as desired. The majority of your play experience will be struggling with an
unfamiliar bureaucracy and anxiously awaiting news regarding your
application to emigrate. 

COSTUMING: Costuming is not required.

A North Minneapolis nonprofit located near Broadway and Emerson. Players will be given details after they are selected for the larp. Parking on site. Metro Transit lines 5, 14, 30, and 32 stop nearby.

We are requesting a voluntary goodwill donation $5–10 to support the work of the nonprofit in appreciation for the use of their space. No one will be turned away if they are unable to make a donation.

The play venue is ADA accessible. Plenty of seating. Water available. Climate controlled building. Gender neutral bathroom available.

Violence, both personal and genocidal, may be described or implied but will not be portrayed in play. Cultural tension between different groups will be present but may or may not be acted upon. Arguments may ensue.

If you would like to socialize after the larp, a group will go to Broadway Bar & Pizza at 2025 West River Rd N, Minneapolis. Anyone is welcome to join in on this, including people who didn’t attend the larp!

Contact us with questions or concerns.

Image assets courtesy of Jason Morningstar

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