Salon du Larp House: Paratopia


Fellow Twin Cities larp players, makers, and thinkers,

Please join us for Paratopia: a local larp design nano-festival for those who can’t make it to Metatopia in New Jersey, with 100% less New Jersey!

Many of you beautiful and brilliant people are spilling over with larp ideas, which has resulted in a number of larps in development. At Paratopia you can get the playtesting and feedback you need to bring your project one step closer to completion. And for those of you who aren’t yet developing a larp, let’s talk about that.

The inaugural event in our new series focusing on design and playtesting!


Paratopia, a day-long larp development micro-conference

Organized by TLS


Saturday, 3 November 2018 from 9am to 6pm


A North Minneapolis nonprofit located near Broadway and Emerson. Players will be given details after they are registered.

Parking on site. Metro Transit lines 5, 14, 30, and 32 stop nearby.


We are requesting a pay-what-you-want goodwill donation ($10 suggested) to support the work of the nonprofit in appreciation for the use of their space, as well as covering food costs. No one will be turned away if they are unable to make a donation.

If you are interested in participating, fill out our Paratopia registration form before 11:59 pm on Tuesday, October 30th. There is no upper limit for participants, but there is coordination that needs to happen with people who would like to run playtests at the event. Please register ASAP so we can plan accordingly!


At Paratopia you’ll participate in discussion groups and play one or two larps that are currently in development. The discussion topics and play styles will vary. You will choose which discussions and larps you participate in at the event.

9am – 11am: Concept Development Workshop

Got any ideas for a larp kicking around? Bring them with! We’ll break into small discussion groups and hash it out to help get you to the next step.

11am – 1pm: Playtesting

We’ll host two (or more!) short playtests from the community. Larpwrights will present their scenarios and you’ll choose the one you’d like to give feedback on.

1pm – 2pm: Lunch

Build-your-own sandwich bar on site! Or you can do your own thing.

2pm – 3pm: Creative Process Exposé

We’ll sit down together and talk about our creative processes. Maybe we can figure out together how to work smarter instead of harder.

3pm – 4pm: BYOTopic Discussion Group

Open discussion groups for multiple small groups. Everyone gets a turn to present or revisit whatever larp topic they want.

4pm – 6pm: Even More Playtesting

That’s right! More playtesting! But this time with two (or more!) different works by different larpwrights.

Accessibility Info

The play venue is ADA accessible. Plenty of seating. Climate controlled building. Gender neutral bathrooms available.

We will be offering a build-your-own sandwich bar for lunch; please fill out the preference survey and mention any dietary needs. Of course, you may do your own thing if you’d rather. There is a kitchenette available for your use on site.

Content Warnings

Content advisories will be presented at the event prior to each larp.


At 6pm we’ll head down to Broadway Bar & Pizza (2025 West River Rd, Minneapolis) for dinner and banter. All are welcome to join us, whether or not they attended the rest of Paratopia!


For more information, contact us.

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