Documentation for Villa Air-Bel

Documentation for Villa Air-Bel, a US freeform larp about a group of people in Vichy France helping artists and intellectuals escape fascist occupied Europe.

Written by Jason Morningstar
Organized by Jon Cole and Larry Lade

Photos by l.p.lade

4 players, February 2016  Minneapolis, MN  USA


Larp House Presents: Villa Air-Bel

Marseille, late fall, 1940.

France has been occupied by the Germans and the collaborationist Vichy regime has been allowed to exist in the south. American liberals are stunned at the fall of France and horrified by German (and now French) anti-intellectualism and anti-Semitic brutality. These liberals form the Emergency Rescue Committee hope to spirit away as many European artists and intellectuals as they can manage.

​Villa Air-Bel is about documentation, virtue, and desperation. It is a small, intense live action game about staplers and hard choices.

WHAT:A larp playtest for 5 players
Written by Jason Morningstar
Organized by Jon Cole
7:00 pm — 11pm on Friday, February 19th

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