Larp House Presents: Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai

Played in the summertime, when the sky stays lit well into the night and the air is stiflingly humid, Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai is a simple storytelling parlor game with an evocation ritual reminiscent of “Bloody Mary.” In a mythic imagining of Edo period Japan, a gracious host has invited villagers to improvise stories. The host lights a dozen candles, and characters take turns telling strange and grotesque stories, folktales, and ghost stories. 

At the end of each story, the teller of the tale extinguishes a candle. The room darkens at the conclusion of each story, the fading light calls upon the spirits and creatures of the stories. When the final candle goes out, something monstrous may fill the darkness.

WHAT GENRE: telling ghost stories, Japanese folk tale, creepy ritual

HOW MANY: 6 – 12 players.

WHEN: 6:30pm – midnight, Saturday April 26th
At 6:30pm we’ll meet at Mango Thai for a group meal (or just your companionship at the table) before retiring to our play location. Play will begin as the sun sets.
WHERE: Eat at 610 Selby Avenue, Saint Paul MN  USA
Play at Castle Black, Saint Paul

HOW DO I SIGN UP: By sending Jon an e-mail: bndrks (replace with symbol) There is also a Facebook event for announcements and such.

I WANT MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS LARP: During the game, players will portray a mix of social classes from an unnamed fishing village gathering together to tell stories. Some characters are mythical creatures or monsters in disguise. The host will begin each story and invite specific players to continue it by acting it out live. This isn’t a win or lose type of game, we’re shooting for an atmosphere of creepiness together.

Consider reading the wikipedia article about Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai. Arnold Cassell is the lead organizer, the larp is written by Julia B Ellingboe.

COSTUMING: To the extent that you are excited about this, get your Edo-period Japan on. Kimono of simply patterned fabrics would be a good choice.

ACCESSIBILITY: The play venue is a third floor attic, stair access only. Plenty of seating available. No A/C. Poor ventilation with some dust. Play will include low lighting and darkness. Restaurant is a 10 minute walk away from play venue. If you have an accessibility question or request please email Jon.

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