Larp House Presents: Potluck Larp

Larp House Presents: Potluck Larp

Everyone loves a potluck!

This winter, we are hosting a larp that is more than the sum of it’s parts. Using the framework Play With Intent we will build a larp and then play it in one evening. Let’s design the game in order to play it, including while we are playing it! And yes, we’ll also share food in a potluck fashion.


Play With Intent, a freeform larp for 4-6 players + casual social potluck

Designed by Matthijs Holter and Emily Care Boss

Organized by Kathy Shane and Jon Cole

WHEN:Friday, January 19th from 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm


Please come ready for larping and socializing! It’s Kathy’s idea for this to be part larp, part social event. If you bring a shareable food or beverage you will be showered with genuine praise, though it is not at all required.

There is an outdoor hot tub onsite and we may soak after the larp.  Believe it or not, soaking is fine done to below zero, (though getting in and out can be exciting). If this appeals to you bring your preferred hot tub attire and a towel. If its really cold, bring a hat that can get damp.  There is limited loaner wear if you forget, change your mind, or don’t want to carry a swimsuit on the bus.


If you are interested in playing, fill out our

Potluck Larp sign up form

before 11:59 pm on Wednesday, January 10th. If way more people sign up than we have room for, attendance will be decided by weighted lottery. You should know if you are in or out of the larp by Friday, January 12th. If less folks than max sign up, registration will be open after the deadline for stragglers.

WHERE:A private residence in Minneapolis, a few blocks away from East 38th St and Hwy 55. Players will be given details after they sign up.There is nearby public transit from buses and light rail.


This is the larp equivalent of Tonight We Slay a Dragon or Die in the Attempt. Having experience with group decision-making and roleplaying will be helpful.

THEMES:We will decide on themes together.


No costuming required. If you are feeling adventurous you might bring a few flexible accessories to share.

ACCESSIBILITY:The play venue is a private home, stair access only. The house has multiple cats and house plants, if allergies are a concern.


We will decide on themes and content together, as well as use safety tools such as Cut and Largo to help control for unexpected content we don’t want.

ART:“Potluck & Pigtails” by Gail “The Pink Peppercorn”

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