Larp House Presents: Gone

Lise suffers from dementia and is slowly disappearing from the world, while her family watches. Unable to do anything. Soon she will be gone.

Up until now the family has managed to push old conflicts aside and pull together in taking the best possible care of Lise. But the disease is wearing on them and everybody is nearing their breaking point.

Gone is about being a relative to a person suffering from dementia—not about having dementia yourself. The scenario follows her husband and three adult children the last year before she is admitted to a nursing home. It is also about loss as you watch the one you love disappear day by day, as well as finding yourself and rediscovering your family within the tragedy.


Gone, a serious roleplaying scenario about family, grief, and loss for four players

Designed by Klaus Meier Olsen
Organized by TLS


Three laurel wreaths

Best Scenario, Fastaval 2018
Best Presentation, Fastaval 2018
The Audience Award, Fastaval 2018


Sunday, 30 June 2019 from 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm


Minneapolis Central Library at 300 Nicollet Mall


Paid parking is available; we encourage a car pool or transit!


There is no cost for admission to this event.

If you are interested in playing, fill out our Gone sign-up form. before Sunday, 23 June 11:59 pm. This larp will run as long as we have four players by June 23, so please register by or before then if possible!

Play style

Characters will be workshopped in game. Play is led by the facilitator who will frame and cut scenes. Few mechanics are used in favor of free roleplay within tightly framed scenes. Lise, the character suffering from dementia, is not portrayed by any player at any time.


Gone a serious but gentle scenario. Themes of family, loss, grief, broken relationships, loneliness, bonding, and struggling to cope are all explored in play. Gone is autobiographical to the author and is directly inspired by their own family experiences.


No costuming is necessary.


Minneapolis Central Library is ADA-compliant, including the access path and doorways to the play space. There is a small single-occupant restroom in the building, and gender designations on multi-occupant restrooms are not enforced.

Content advisory

Dementia is central and unavoidable to play. Familial relationships are strained in a variety of ways, both relating to current circumstances (Lise’s condition) and personal history with one another.


Contact us with any questions or concerns!

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