Larp House Presents: College of Neraidology

This event has been cancelled.

Dearest Members!

We are thrilled to announce an incredible opportunity to advance the burgeoning field of Fae Studies! The Minnesota College of Neraidology is seeking scholars and observers to take part in a field trip to determine the nature of faerie activity. A possible colony of Fae has been reported in the backyard of a home in Richfield. We will gather (with the homeowners’ generous permission) on Saturday, August 29th at 1:00 PM for a one hour Site Inspection followed by a shared discussion of findings.

Data may take many forms and we recognize that creative extrapolation is a key part of the scientific method in regard to neraidology. In particular, we wish to know:

  • What species of faerie dwell in the area (sprites, gnomes, leprechauns, brownies, etc)
  • What habits they may have (dances, mushroom tending, animal husbandry)
  • What locations they favour (hidden hollows, man-made structures, natural wonders)
  • What tools, items or trinkets they have used (coloured stones, unusual feathers, shiny items)
  • Is this in fact a true fae colony, or merely a neurotic homeowner plagued by sparrows and mice?

Once the hour is complete, all participants are expected to present their findings to each other and form a cohesive theory to present to the College. We expect that the work of all participants be given equal weight.

To ensure the safety of students, faculty and guests, and of our delicate subjects of study, strict rules for masking will be required to prevent accidental Fae Inhalation and observers will be asked to maintain 6 feet of separation to avoid trampling evidence.

Further details as to the location of the study site will be provided if your application to the observation team is accepted.

Sir Francis Cobblesworth
Dean of Neraidology (Faerie Studies)


A special socially-distanced adaptation of Royal College of Neraidology, a whimsical outdoor game about faerie studies for three to six players.

Written by Ivan Nevill
Organized by Katherine Shane


Saturday, 29 August 2020 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Rescheduled: Saturday, 12 September 2020, from 1 pm to 4 pm

This event has been cancelled.

We will set aside Sunday as a rain date.


A private home in Richfield, Minnesota. Details will be provided to registered attendees.


There is no cost to participate, but we must limit the number of admissions and advance registration is required. Please fill out our registration form as soon as possible. We will confirm that you are in the game, and provide further details about play, no later than September 8.

(If you are feeling unwell or are otherwise concerned about safety the day of the larp, there will be no shame in doing the right thing and canceling. People are more important than the game.)


This event will meet the requirements of Minnesota’s Stay Safe Plan, phase 3.

The otherwise minimalist game text will be supplemented by in-game safety rules to modify the game to ensure social distancing and breath hygiene. Practices to minimize spread of contagious diseases, including face masks and hand washing, will be mandatory.

No food or beverages will be provided out of safety concerns. Please bring whatever snacks or liquids you need to take care of yourself.

The game will also be cancelled/postponed in the event of excessive heat.

Costuming and gear

Players are encouraged to bring gear which may be useful in observing and/or collecting faeries (baskets, magnifying lenses, crystals, divining rods, tweezers, gloves, jars, cameras) but no equipment is required. Notebooks, sketchpads, and writing implements may be useful.

No costuming is required, although if you would like to test your pet theory about the effectiveness of, say, faerie disguises or floral hats, you are welcome to wear these in the name of science.

This game is played outdoors and you should prepare to be outside in Minnesota in August. Insect repellent, sunscreen, and a water bottle are recommended. Depending on the weather, an umbrella might be a good idea.

Participants will be required to wear a cloth face covering at all times.


There is a bathroom on the first floor but the home is not fully wheelchair accessible. The yard in which the game will be played is largely accessible. Cats live in the home.


Contact us with any questions, particularly if you desire more details about how safety will be handled.

girl in a wooded area looking a suspiciously 2-dimensional fairy

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