Larp House Presents: Hell Is Other Vampires

Join us on September 2, 2023

It’s 1993, when grunge music is all the rage, hacker kids are dialing up to this new thing called “the Internet,” and discontentment ripples through the secret world of the vampires.

In Chicago, Prince Lodin has dominated the vampires here for decades and kept various factions at bay. However, his days of dominance and absolute monopoly are numbered, and there are whispers of a revolutionary plot against his iron-fisted reign.

As a downpour pummels the streets outside the crumbling ruins of the City Methodist Church in Gary, Indiana, a small cabal of vampires gather inside to wait out the storm and plot to overthrow the Prince. That is, if they don’t all kill each other instead…


Hell Is Other Vampires is a larp about, well, vampires, but also an interpersonal drama about whether the group can put aside their personal problems to achieve their common goal, or if they succumb to petty squabbles instead.

Tone: A supernatural goth early ’90s gritty drama

You might enjoy this game if you are a fan of vampire media such as The Daybreakers or Interview with the Vampire, with a touch of No Exit by Jean-Paul Sartre and Reservoir Dogs. The setting is within the World of Darkness franchise of games, but no prior knowledge of the system or franchise is necessary to play.

Run Time: 3 to 4 hours, including approximately 1.5 to 2 hours of active play time

Players: 3 to 9 players

Facilitators: one

Written by Evan Torner
Organized by Tom S. Tea
Admin support from Katherine Shane and Jon Cole


September 2, 2023, from 2–7 PM


ECMN Offices, 1101 W Broadway Ave, Minneapolis MN 55411

Enter through the side door of ECMN on Emerson Ave.

Metro Transit routes 5, 14, 30, and 32 stop nearby. Small parking lot on site, street parking also available.


Get a ticket by filling out the Hell Is Other Vampires registration form. Once you have a ticket you don’t need to do anything else besides show up to play!

On the day of the event we request a pay-what-you-want good will donation ($5$20 suggested) to support low-cost immersive scenarios in Minnesota. No one will be turned away if they do not make a donation.

Details on the game

Play Style

Characters in this game are vampires from around Chicago who ostensibly want to overthrow their tyrannical prince. They may exhibit bravado, arrogance, suspicion, paranoia, guilt, regret, anger and similar strong emotions over the course of play.

Players will take on roles with their own secrets, flaws, and agendas as guided by character cards with prompts.

Time will be given to develop backstories connecting characters within the game. You will play within a web of relationships, and form new connections over the course of play.

This larp uses a bespoke system distinct from Minds Eye Theater.

Content Advisory

Representational violence, representational intimacy (sexual violence will not be part of this game)

Safety Tools

The check-in and cut techniques will be discussed and practiced before play begins, as well as subjects that are off-limits for players

Following play, we will debrief to discuss our experiences and shed the roles we assumed for the game. The debrief is encouraged, but not required, should you choose to leave following play.


No costuming needed. If you want to wear something that makes you feel like an early 90s grungy vampire in the Midwest, go for it!

A bloody hand with a ruffled sleeve holds open the blood-spattered title page of The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice

Other Information

COVID-19 Policy

Attendees need to be vaccinated for COVID-19 and boosted to the extent recommended by the CDC for their demographic group. Bring proof of your vaccination status for inspection during check in, which could be your card, a picture of it, or a document on your phone. Our policy means that for most people, you will need to have had the most recent bivalent booster two weeks before this event or we will turn you away at the door. Please reach out if you have any questions about this.

N95 respirators or better are required, and we will have a few to share. We will be playing in a large and well-ventilated room. If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, stay home. If you are able to, take a rapid test before arrival.


Our venue is in the basement, and is climate controlled. The building is ADA compliant. Our playspace has plenty of seating. There are two gendered restrooms in the playspace, and two gender-neutral restrooms available on the ground floor.

Water will be available, and we recommend bringing a water bottle for your ease of access. No food will be provided.


After the event some folks will get food together to continue to hang out at Maya Cuisine. Hanging out afterwards is totally optional, and we think it’s fun to get to know your fellow players as people, not just as their characters. Folks who didn’t attend the event are welcome to attend this part.


Contact us with any questions or concerns!

Image Credits

Niranjan _ Photographs and Loren Cutler, used under Unsplash license

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  1. Hi! I rsvp’d but I’ll be coming from a con in full makeup and vamp gear- I hope I don’t stick out like a sore thumb. This is my first LARP but I’m so excited as it’s my birthday.
    Let me know if I should dress down before arriving.

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