Larp House Presents: LarpJam

LarpJam, a workshop where participants will create their very own larps in a round-robin format. In a matter of hours people with no larp design experience can create awesome, fully-playable larps or the seeds that future larps can spring from! This process folds creative invocation, constructive constraints, and peer feedback into one lightning-fast process.

This event is being put together outrageously last minute because the Larp House was specially invited to participate in

Golden Cobra, a new freeform design competition that concludes October 30th. Seriously, Whitney Beltrán and Jason Morningstar wrote us personally to ask Larp House people to submit. Even if you can’t attend this Larpjam, you are encouraged to design something for Golden Cobra!

Have you played in a Larp House larp before? If so, you have enough experience to enjoy Larpjam.
If you don’t have any larp experience, you are still welcome to attend. Will the process work for you? Let’s find out together.

a larp design workshop for 6-18 players
created and organized by Jon Cole

1pm-4pm Saturday October 4th  2014

Room 403


O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library

Saint Thomas University Campus
Saint Paul, MN  USA

exquisite corpse, playstorming, larp design

Larpjam is not a win or lose type of game. Participants are encouraged to make their wildest larp dreams come true through a collaborative design process.



We will be operating within the constraints of Golden Cobra, which will be an additional challenge to surmount in design.


Sign ups are done by a lottery of all interested people.

Enter the lottery by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

 before 9AM Thurdsday, October 2nd.

You should know if you are in or out of the workshop by Friday October 3rd, but let’s be real you’ll probably be in because of how last minute this event is.
Anyone is welcome to sign up for the workshop, feel free to invite people and forward this email widely.

The play venue is accessible by car, bike, and bus. Car parking is pretty tough around Saint Thomas, Adam and Alex welcome you to park near their home and walk 10 minutes to get there. Wheelchair accessible entrance and elevators. Climate controlled building. Plenty of seating available. Participants must have watches, cellphones, or another means of time keeping. No food or drink will be provided. If you have an accessibility question or request please email

[email protected]



Participants will be randomly assigned into groups. Play will include talking and writing in small groups. This event is held in a quasi-public space. If you have an question about this content warning please email

[email protected]


For more information about Service email

[email protected]

. Your inquiry will be forwarded to the organizers best suited to answer it.

Thank you to the early playtesters of Larpjam, whose enthusiasm and experience shaped this presentation of it.
The Golden Cobra Committee, for inviting us and implicitly challenging us to step up our design work.

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