Larp House Presents: Deep Love

Larp House Presents: DEEP LOVE

A freeform larp for 4 players

Written by Jason Morningstar, organized by Arnold Cassell and Jon Cole

WHEN:7:30 pm — 10:30 pm on this Saturday, June 3rd

Nonsuch Island, Bermuda 1934 –You’ve come to this paradise to drop a two and a half ton iron ball off the side of a shop and lower it almost a kilometer into the abyss.
You’ve come to crawl inside that iron ball and go down with it, to what there is to see down there.
You’ve come with three other brilliant adventurers, friends and lovers, and you’ll all get a chance to descend and risk your lives in exchange for seeing things no human being has ever seen.
And maybe. in the inky darkness and cold silence, you’ll find a measure of happiness and fulfillment.

THEMES:Love, communication, mutual trust.

REGISTRATION:If you are interested in playing, fill out our Deep Love Sign Up before 11:59 pm on this Wednesday, May 31th. You should know if you are in or out of the larp by Friday, June 2nd. Registration will be open after the deadline for stragglers, but a place will not be guaranteed.

PLAY STYLE:Freeform. Feel-good interpersonal drama. Arts and crafts component: drawing based on other’s descriptions.

COSTUMING:No costumes required.

WHERE:A private residence near Lyndale Ave S & 75th St W in Richfield, MN.Players will be given details after they sign up.
There is nearby public transit from buses 5, 18, and 540.

ACCESSIBILITY:The play venue is a private home, stair access only. Plenty of seating available. No food will be served. Two short-haired cats live in the play venue. Some play will be in an intentionally cramped space in the dark.

CONTENT WARNING:Unrequited love, polyamory, deep sea diving accidents, play in the dark

CONTACT:For more information email [email protected]. Your inquiry will be forwarded to the person best suited to answer it.

ART:“Heart Angler” Tshirt design by Amorphia Apparel


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